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There are four commonly recognized types of RESTful APIs, often referred to as levels of maturity or levels of compliance with REST principles. These levels are known as Richardson Maturity Model, named after Leonard Richardson who introduced them:

  1. Level 0 – The Swamp of POX (Plain Old XML): At this level, APIs use HTTP as a transport mechanism but do not follow any specific REST principles. They might use custom XML or JSON formats, and the actions are usually represented using different HTTP methods.

  2. Level 1 – Resources: APIs at this level start defining resources and using proper URIs to identify them. However, they still use a single HTTP method (usually POST) for all operations. This level focuses on properly structuring the resources.

  3. Level 2 – HTTP Verbs: APIs at this level follow the correct usage of HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) for different operations. They also use different HTTP status codes to indicate the result of each operation.

  4. Level 3 – Hypermedia Controls: This is the highest level of RESTful maturity. APIs at this level not only use proper URIs, HTTP methods, and status codes but also include hypermedia controls (links) within responses. These links guide clients on how to interact with the API further.

Each level builds upon the principles of the previous level, aiming for better adherence to RESTful principles and improved API design. At SS Marketing, we specialize in developing RESTful APIs that align with your project’s requirements and goals, ensuring optimal functionality and scalability.

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